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Wildflower is one of the fantastic tattoo ideas etched in themes but tend to be displayed by the single or a bunch. Wildflower tattoos... 35 Wildflower Temporary Tattoo Ideas

Wildflower is one of the fantastic tattoo ideas etched in themes but tend to be displayed by the single or a bunch. Wildflower tattoos generally meaning of joy and moreover, it begins to be linked to positivity surrounding spur of unplanned examples of good fortune. The most popular wildflowers tattoos are daisies, sunflowers, lotus, daffodils and other positive flower image.

Faveranking‘ve listed out 35 popular tattoos in the gallery that show off a range of different technical expressions. There’s bound to be a wildflower design to suit your next tattoo idea.

1. Upper Arms Tattoos.

The arm is one of the most popular and flexible positions for “taking pictures”. You can show off to others to show your personal “ego” or cover it with outfits if necessary. A beautiful tattoo can range from the details of the artwork to the simplest designs. Plus, if this is your first tattoo, then the arm will be one of the least painful parts for a novice.

2. Ankle Tattoos.

The ankle is a sensitive place for people, so many young people take advantage of it to tattoo their favorite ones on it. There are many options for young people to show off such as tattooing roses that represent fragility, tenderness, or thorns, or even a compass that represents the correct direction, or the eye-catching artistic anklet.

3. On the Back Tattoo.

The back is known as a prime tattoo spot for both men and women. To have a beautiful back tattoo, besides choosing a suitable model, you need to learn a few useful things before and after tattooing.

4. Forearm Tattoo.

This arm part usually has a small, simple design that boys and girls want to hide. The forearm Wildflower Tattoo, also known as the forearm, offers one of the coolest tattoos you can take on you. Forearm tattoos can be the beginning of a half sleeve tattoo or finally a full sleeve tattoo for men and women. With prominence and good looks, guys and girls should save those Best arm designs for this area.

5. Lower Leg Tattoo.

A new position but will make you feel different and stand out. Tattoo patterns on the soles of the feet are also quite diverse without being restricted in a single pattern. Pretty little tattoos help you become mysteriously charming and mysterious. Tattoos are made by parallel lines or intertwined to create an enchanting block of tattoos or simple but extremely meaningful tattoos.

6. Side and Ribs Tattoo.

Side and ribs position are always the most eye-catching tattoo spot, impressing and creating an attraction to the opposite person. This is also the reason why many girls choose to tattoo in this position. If you have a tattoo in this position, it is easy to read that you are a personality girl, loves glamor, and always want to show that feminine charm. Your tattoo is very beautiful, so dare to wear two-wire or shoulder-length shirts to show off your personality.

For temporary tattoos, designs like high quality are few, but poor-quality products are many. It is not too difficult to see guys and girls possessing fancy and impressive tattoos. People will be extremely interested in the strange and toxic tattoos obtained in special places on the body. And you all know the meaning of the thumbnail images. Follow me to learn more!  Through the above, we have helped you better understand how to make tattoos beautiful. Next, we will introduce some cool temporary tattoos for you!

1. Black Flower Temporary Tattoos.

Black Flower Temporary Tattoos.

Pros: A variety of designs and colors; The essence is a high-quality temporary tattoo; Easy to use baby oil.

Cons: As a temporary tattoo you want to remove, it’s easy to remove it.


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This flash wildflower tattoo is water-transferred, so, it’s easily to apply just by adding water to the paper base and if you want to remove it is very convenient to use baby oil. Meticulously designed by artists that make extremely delicate tattoos with these tattoos help you become more personality, add charm.

2. Flower with Birds Temporary Tattoos.

Flower with Birds Temporary Tattoos. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: A variety of colors and sizes; The tattoo is temporary so you can easily remove it with baby oil.

Cons: Easily to be removed.


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This comes with 10 sheets wildflower with bird tattoos. A tattoo is a harmonious combination of color and size that makes the tattooer attractive but no less personality. Special will make you stand out from the crowd by that difference. Diverse tattoo methods, you can not only paste tattoos on shoulders, waist, sleeves, back, legs, arms, chest, hands, feet, neck, but also can stick them on cups, phones. mobility, furniture, refrigerator.

3. Sexy Body Art Temporary Tattoo.

Sexy Body Art Temporary Tattoo. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: Many models and sizes; Highlighting crowds, parties, entertainment, entertainment; Be removed very easily and conveniently.

Cons: You want to delete it whenever you like.

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This temporary wildflower tattoo sticker is the right tattoo for everyone, women, men, girls, and boys. If you do not touch it, it will take 2 – 3 days to remain original. The harmonious combination of color and size creates a mysterious and captivating beauty for you. You can tattoo on arms, face, hands, neck, shoulders, lower back, legs, wrists, ankles, chest, hips, or anywhere do you like.

4. Rose Temporary Tattoos.

Rose Temporary Tattoos. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: Many models and sizes; Good quality, waterproof, non-toxic to the body. Long time lasting 3-5 days still original.

Cons: Currently the model is available in black and white.


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This is an extremely artistic temporary wildflower tattoo on the body. You can tattoo anywhere on your body if you like. Tattoos create attractive beauty and personality for you and make a good impression on everyone around you. Easy erasure simply by using alcohol is possible.

5. Fun Express Hibiscus Glitter Tattoos.

Fun Express Hibiscus Glitter Tattoos. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: Outstanding colors with many different colors, cute and eye-catching flower designs; Lasting 3-5 days.

Cons: Remove by alcohol is not suitable with people are alcohol allergy.


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For this product, it is designed very cute, lovely with flowers of different colors to accentuate the body. The harmonious combination between colors and patterns makes you stand out from the crowd by events such as parties, entertainment places, swimming, festivals, etc. Moreover, tattoos express your youthfulness, add dynamism, you can tattoo anywhere if you like them.

6. Premium Semi-Permanent Tattoos

Premium Semi-Permanent Tattoos. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: Variety of colors and sizes; Easy to use for all ages; 1-2 weeks long-lasting feature; Waterproof and durable; Showing your personality.

Cons: Difficult to erase in a short time requiring strong force to erase them.


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This wildflower tattoo sticker uses the latest technology, compared to other temporary tattoo stickers it is long-lasting and looks more realistic, and even develops a dark blue color in 24 hours. It will last 1-2 weeks, over time, the color of the tattoo will fade until completely disappear, depending on the skin type of each person, the time it takes to color, the intensity of the color, and how long it lasts will be different.

7. Temporary Tattoos Stickers Waterproof.

Temporary Tattoos Stickers Waterproof. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: Many different models and sizes; Non-toxic and waterproof; Easily make in just 20-30 seconds with water; Easily to remove.

Cons: Remove by alcohol is not suitable with people are alcohol allergy.


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This decorative wildflower tattoo can be applied to the skin for a short time. . With many different flower sizes for you to choose from you can paste anywhere if you like, creating a more attractive personality for your body. Moreover, making you stand out, elegantly, attracting attention in front of crowds, parties.

8. Flowers Peony Tattoos.

Flowers Peony Tattoos. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: Long storage time on the skin; High-quality models; No needles, no pain, no regrets; Natural plant sources; Lasting 1-2 weeks and fade after.

Cons: tattoos stored for a very long time.


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This Inkbox are new technological temporary tattoos. For now, the ink sinks into the top layer of your skin (called the cuticle, if you want the technique) and develops into a dark blue or black color. Unlike temporary tattoos that just stick on your skin and look like a fake, the Inkbox semi-permanent tattoo stays in your skin and looks real. Natural plant sources are made from ingredients that are skin-safe, non-toxic, and tattoo painless.

9. Beautiful Rose Cherry Blossoms WildFlowers Temporary Tattoo.

Beautiful Rose Cherry Blossoms WildFlowers Temporary Tattoo. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: many designs and sizes; Non-toxic and waterproof; Lasting 3-5 days

Cons: Lasting just few days and too easily to be removed.


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This product is a high-quality new technology wildflower tattoo. The detailed patterns are designed meticulously by the artisans to create extremely beautiful tattoos that you carry, creating incredible charm, especially at beaches, festivals, nightclubs, parties, parties.

10. Forget Me Not ‘Temporary Tattoos.

Forget Me Not 'Temporary Tattoos. Wildflower Ideas

Advantages: Unique fancy design; Creating accents; Duration lasts for 1 week; Non-toxic and non-absorbent.

Cons: Easy erasure for new tattoo.


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This temporary wildflower tattoo is a new high-quality tattoo technology. The cute little tree tattoo makes a big difference to everyone around. Unique meticulous design by extremely professional artisans.

11. Hakuna Temporary Tattoos.

Hakuna Temporary Tattoos. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: Unique and meticulous design create captivating beauty; Safe & non-toxic; Lasting 3-7 days, Waterproof & sweat-proof.

Cons: Currently the template only has a style for you to choose from.


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The unique meticulous design includes 4 unique and strange designs. Completely waterproof, sweat-proof, lasting 3-7 days if you don’t scrub them. The design accentuates the beauty that makes the body stand out, creating the charm for you. You can get a tattoo anywhere if you get it.

12. Claire’s Butterfly Lotus Flower Temporary Tattoos.

Claire's Butterfly Lotus Flower Temporary Tattoos. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: Many designs and sizes; Small details are beautiful; Non-toxic and waterproof;

Cons: easily erase them for new tattoos.


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Claire’s lotus butterfly temporary tattoo adds a touch of perfection to any outfit, no matter what she wears. This temporary tattoo set includes 2 butterfly pictures, lotus flowers, and inspirational text for you to combine as you like. Self-adhesive tattoos are easy to mix and match uniqueness and playfulness. Fun accessories for music festivals, dance, parties, weddings, birthdays, and schools make you stand out even more.

13. TuckTats- Sayura Temporary Tattoo.

TuckTats- Sayura Temporary Tattoo. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: Hides long splashes; Non-toxic and waterproof; Non-toxic ink and medical adhesives; Lasting up to 7 days.

Cons: Easy erasure for new tattoo.


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Confidently conceal belly scars, stretch marks, and body blemishes with confidence, fashion, and safety.

14. BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker.

BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: Easy to use; Compliance with cosmetic regulations;

Cons: Not tested on sensitive skin.


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BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: Easy to paint on the skin; Non-toxic; Flexible felt tip for thin or wide lines; Create your skin-safe design.

Cons: Erase eraser is easy; Not tested on sensitive skin.


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BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker are leading advanced tattoo pens. It help to create designs for your skin that are safe for your skin with good quality temporary tattoo marks. Flexible felt tip for thin or wide lines in bright, long-lasting colors, perfect for creating a wide variety of designs, especially, sporting events, parties, festivals.

15. Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine.

Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine. Wildflower Ideas

Pros: High resolution; Portable & lightweight; Won’t be overheat easily; Safe and durable for long term use.

Cons: Pricey; Little noisy sound.

from $197.19

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This Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine is a professional printer machine designed as a gift for tattoo lovers. It helps you to copy patterns on stencil paper in 1 minute in just a few simple steps.
This machine has a light weight with 0.5 kg and easily fits any working area, at home or on trip.

Through here we have introduced to you several ideal tattoo patterns to help you look more beautiful and more outstanding each day.

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