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Whether you’re a professional tattoo artist or begin your journey of becoming one, the best tattoo transfer machines are beneficial. First, they print the... 7 Best Tattoo Transfer Machines

7 Best Tattoo Transfer Machines For A Beautiful Wildflower Tattoo

Whether you’re a professional tattoo artist or begin your journey of becoming one, the best tattoo transfer machines are beneficial. First, they print the tattoo design on transfer papers. And as these prints are on the clients’ skin, they will transfer the outlines of the design to the skin.

As a result, artists can tattoo following the stencil papers’ guidelines and adjust their work to reduce potential wrong strokes. If you’re interested in self-tattooing a beautiful wildflower tattoo but haven’t decided which machine to get, today’s post is what you need. Figure out the 7 best tattoo stencil thermal machines for newbies now.    

As mentioned above, tattoo stencil machines nowadays play a huge rơle in assisting tattoo artists’ work. If you’re one of those who wish to self-tattoo simple designs like a wildflower tattoo, these Faveranking’s list of 7 products below are just the thing.

35 Wildflower Temporary Tattoo Ideas

1. Tattoo Transfer Copier – Uxsiya.

Tattoo Transfer Copier – Uxsiya. 7 Best Tattoo Transfer Machines


  • Pros: Environmental-friendly; Safe; Lightweight, multiple functions; Convenient; Fast transfer; Minimum noise level; Made of ABS material; Unique design; Works for the normal paper design.
  • Cons: Unsturdy. 

Uxsiya Tattoo Transfer Copier is a reliable, environmentally-friendly, and safe machine that offers excellent customization. Thanks to its five functional keys, users can select different copy techniques and adjust resolutions.

Moreover, it comes with two versatile lights: The first one appears when the copier operates while the other is on when errors happen. Also, the transfer speed is fast, and the machine’s noise is minimum. 

2. Zinnor Tattoo Transfer Copier.

Zinnor Tattoo Transfer Copier. 7 Best Tattoo Transfer Machines


  • Pros: Easy to set up; Durable; Nice performance, fast transfer; Excellent customer service; 5 buttons/keys for different functions on machine; Made of ABS material; New upgraded version; 30-day returning and money back policy.
  • Cons: Noisy, paper jams happen sometimes.

Zinnor Tattoo Transfer Copier Machine is a specialized machine for tattoo artists. This product allows you to transfer your initial design directly onto stencil papers in a few simple steps. Moreover, the product is also compact and portable as you could place it anywhere. Also, the Zinnor machine works well with both A4 and A5 paper sizes. 

3. Thermofax Tattoo Transfer Machine.

Thermofax Tattoo Transfer Machine. 7 Best Tattoo Transfer Machines


  • Pros: Fast shipping; Reliable; Easy to use; Affordable price; Can be used with an APP; Small size & portable.
  • Cons: only perform well with complex designs; paper jams happen sometimes. 

Tattoo Thermal Copier enables all tattoo artists to quickly and efficiently copy designs onto transfer papers. Also, this 3.5lbs thermal tattoo copier is small and mobile, making it extra easy to carry. As a result, feel free to get your tattoo transferred anytime and anywhere. Moreover, it is super cost-efficient as it requires replacement parts, bulbs, or cylinders.

4. HURRISE – Tattoo Transfer Copier.

HURRISE - Tattoo Transfer Copier. 7 Best Tattoo Transfer Machines


  • Pros: Easy to use; Fast transfer; Work well with complex designs; Portable; Reliable; High resolution; Portable and lightweight; Greatly improves work efficiency; Quality guarantee; Easy to use & care.
  • Cons: Stuck buttons.

Hurrise Tattoo Transfer Machine offers high-resolution thermal transfer printing and is suitable for paper documents and complex designs. As it’s portable, lightweight, and easy to use, the machine would be a great help to tattoo lovers. In just a few steps, you can efficiently copy your design onto stencil papers and get your results in less than a minute. 

5. Kecheer Tattoo Transfer Machine.

Kecheer Tattoo Transfer Machine. 7 Best Tattoo Transfer Machines
  • Pros: Minimum noise; Low temperature; Outstanding performance; Great for outlining designs; Work well all over the world with 110V & 220V compatible; Update-to-date version; Ideal for tattoo artist.
  • Cons: Complicated instructions, the cool-down time required.

Kecheer Tattoo Transfer Machine is compatible with 110 and 220V, making it adaptable anywhere globally. Also, this updated tattoo printer version has a considerable improvement in quality and tattoo transfer speed. Moreover, its temperature and noise level is also minimum, making it safe to use for everyone.

6. Lolicute Portable Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine.

Lolicute Portable Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine. 7 Best Tattoo Transfer Machines
  • Pros: Mini Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine; Great build; Continuous lines; Versatile; Cost-saving; No ink needed; Little noisy sound; Transfer easily and quickly; Reducing power consumption; Suitable paper size is A4 and B5.
  • Cons: Paper jams sometimes happen.

Lolicute Portable Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine is suitable for both standard paper and stencil papers’ design, providing faster performance speed and low noise. More importantly, the temperature is also minimum and thus, offers extra safety. Also, you can save extra cost on those unnecessary replacement parts like bulbs or belts.

7. Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine – Beoncall.

Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine – Beoncall. 7 Best Tattoo Transfer Machines


  • Pros: Easy to carry; Fast transfer speed; Low noise; Stable quality; Affordable price.
  • Cons: Only work with a specific type of paper, cannot work with complex designs. 

Beoncall Tattoo Stencil Machine is a lightweight, compact, fast-moving, and easy-to-carry product, which will provide you with extreme convenience. Moreover, this thermal tattoo printer also comes with fast transfer printing speed, low noise, and stable performance. Above all, it works well with the electricity of 100-240V, making it usable in any country or region.

3 Helpful Items To Self-Tattoo A Wildflower Tattoo At Home.

Having a fantastic tattoo transfer machine isn’t the only factor contributing to an excellent final result. Instead, the outcome also depends on the stencil papers, the cream-gel, and the gel solution.

1. Silhouette America Temp Tattoo Paper.

Silhouette America Temp Tattoo Paper. 7 Best Tattoo Transfer Machines

Silhouette America

  • Pros: Fast and beautiful transferred prints; Durable; Can use with any home printer; Last 2 days so good for fun, Non-toxics.
  • Cons: Expensive, only work with inkjet printers.

Silhouette America Temp Tattoo Paper Kit comes with two 8½ ft x 11ft stencil papers. Furthermore, these exclusive papers from the Silhouette also possess an enhanced adhesion for a sturdier stick. Also, the outcome would stick to your skin quickly with water and can last up to two days. Yet, you can quickly erase the prints on your skin with towels and warm water.

2. Tattoo Transfer Cream Gel.

Tattoo Transfer Cream Gel. 7 Best Tattoo Transfer Machines


  • Pros: Soothing no all skin types; Chemical-free; Work well on sensitive skin; Reduce skin irritation; Brighten the tattoo.
  • Cons: Small amount, pricey.

Tattoo Transfer Cream Gel is a great product to soothe and hydrate your skin, fasten the skin recovery, and prevent any pain, redness, and skin irritations. Also, it helps to brighten the tattooed area. Moreover, this moisturizer is chemical-free and super gentle on the skin.

3. Tattoo Transfer Gel Solution.

Tattoo Transfer Gel Solution. 7 Best Tattoo Transfer Machines

Essential Values

  • Pros: Affordable; Effective; Long-lasting; Hypoallergenic; Quick and easy instructions; Work well on different skin types; Made in The USA (The USA’s quality); Safe for Most Skin Types; Stay On Longer.
  • Cons: Easy-to-be-hardened liquid.

Tattoo Transfer Gel Solution possesses a unique formula that works faster and lasts longer. Moreover, it dries in a few minutes and thus, saves you plenty of time. Also, the gel would reduce stress and make the transferred design clearer too. As a result, artists can prevent cross-contamination during the tattoo process for extra safety. 


So there you have it – all the things one needs to buy to self-tattoo a wildflower tattoo with ease. We bet you won’t face any difficulty with our incredible suggestions above. Enjoy!

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