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Each girl has a special beauty and her charm. Outstanding highlights added to those different colors, so have you ever thought that you are... Naturally Curly Hair – Best Tip Care For

Naturally Curly Hair – Best Tip Care For

Each girl has a special beauty and her charm. Outstanding highlights added to those different colors, so have you ever thought that you are truly a lucky girl with naturally curly hair? Yes? Certainly, I will think so. The most important thing is that you will find you are always outstanding and attractive with stylish yet attractive hair that attracts all eyes. But naturally curly hair looks like a dandy, difficult to pamper, easily ruffled, messy girl. Many girls want to say goodbye to their natural curls by straightening them, but that’s not a good solution for your hair.

As natural curly hair is quite weak if straightening, high-temperature straightening will make your hair much weaker, and it will remain curly as before. There should be a special natural curl care secret to help you own smooth, strong, and easy-to-style curly hair. And here Faveranking will share great tips so you can confidently show off beautiful naturally curly hair:

1. Choose Your Best Shampoo for Curly Hair.

The flair and charm of you by that naturally curly hair. Then what do you need to do to maintain such nuance? First, we want to talk about choosing your shampoo. The most flawed thing is that the majority used inappropriately and irrationally using conditioner and shampoo.

Why do we say inappropriate and irrational? Because naturally, curly hair is weak hair that is sensitive to beauty products. Natural curly hair is often dry, so when buying products, there is a need for careful consideration. Avoid buying shampoos that contain sulfates, as this will damage your hair, lose moisture and weaken it. And cool water helps your hair retain moisture better and is much smoother.

2. Skip the Daily Shampoos routine.

Take care of your hair regularly and pay attention to it. Naturally curly hair in particular and other hair substances, in general, experts recommend that you should not wash your hair every single day as that can disrupt the structure of your hair. The chemicals in shampoos and conditioners make hair weak and more prone to breakage. Moreover, daily shampooing removes the natural oils nourishing the hair, affecting the hair cuticle, making hair dry and frizzy.

So, you better wash your hair 2-3 times/week. With naturally curly hair, the hair is inherently weak, thus, you wash your hair at most twice a week to keep your hair strong and soft!

3. Hair Treatments.

There are things like, there are people who regularly make curly hairstyles that suit the trend, while there are people who has naturally curl hair find a way to let their hair go. Increase the softness of naturally curly hair instead. There are many fashionable natural curly hairstyles, but which one is best suited for you, you probably don’t know. Therefore, here I will guide you on some ways to make curly hair without your mobile device!

+ Hair treatment with milk: Milk contains a lot of protein, helps in regeneration. So, use fresh milk to treat curly hair naturally is one of the best way to care it.

 + Hair treatment with fresh milk and honey: honey contains highly moisturizing, antioxidant ingredients, along with protein-rich in milk to help smooth and straighten hair.

 + Treatment of hair with hot olive oil: Olive oil provides moisture to the hair, making hair strong, supple, and reducing dandruff.

 + Hair treatment with coconut milk: coconut contains a lot of protein to help regenerate hair, moisturize hair good for hair.

 + Treating hair with flax seeds: flaxseed includes many proteins to help regenerate hair.

 + Hair treatment with lemon and coconut milk: lemon juice contains more acids to help soften hair, along with coconut milk to regenerate hair.

 + Aloe vera hair treatment: Aloe vera contains many enzymes that make hair soft and healthy. Furthermore, the hair will straighten out a lot.

Here are some useful methods to help your curly hair become as well as softer and straighten in a natural way that is good for your health and your hair.

4. Comb Correctly.

For your hair to always be fluffy and smooth, choosing a suitable comb is also very important. Using a comb makes your hair smoother, but it is easy to make your hair fall out a lot. Hair is naturally curly or ruffled, so using a thin comb is best.

Note: you must not comb your hair while it is wet, but you should wait until it is dry instead, gently remove the tangled parts first, then use a brush to gently brush from the bottom up. And with weak hair, it is better to limit the use of combs, a day should brush from 2-3 times.

5. Sleeping.

Sleeping on a silk pillow is the right choice. Silk pillow is essentially a very soft, smooth fabric. Before going to bed, you can fix your hair according to the product’s instructions and then use a T-shirt to tie it to sleep. In the morning, you just need to remove the towel/shirt, you have smooth and sleek hair. If it seems a bit dry, you can spray more gel.

Faveranking have helped you understand more about naturally curly hair. Please take care of your hair more beautifully every day. Here, we will introduce the products you should use to complete the proper care:

1. Tea Tree Scalp Relief Gentle & Soothing PreShampoo – Yes To.

Tea Tree Scalp Relief Gentle & Soothing PreShampoo – Yes To. Naturally Curly Hair - Best Tip Care For

Pros: Mild, pleasant scent; Good scalp cleansing does not affect the scalp; Helps to nourish the skin always healthy; Extracted from 100% natural herbal plants.

Cons: For dry skin.


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Yes To Tea Tree Scalp Relief Gentle & Soothing PreShampoo Scalp Scrub is an exfoliating product on the scalp for dry skin, especially for you with naturally curly hair. The ingredients in the product 100% are natural extracts with tea tree oil, sage oil, hazelnuts, and apple cider vinegar to make the scalp comfortable after bleaching, the scent is not harsh. Especially, the product is certified as natural substances, good for health as well as effective in exfoliating your scalp, which is certified with free of parabens, SLS, and silicones. You should exfoliate 1-2 times per week before shampooing to see the effect.

2. Curl and Shine Coconut Shampoo – SheaMoisture.

Curl and Shine Coconut Shampoo – SheaMoisture. Naturally Curly Hair - Best Tip Care For

Pros: Contains coconut oil with a mild fragrance, not harsh, moisturizing; Protects hair while replenishing lost oiL; Sulfate-free is very suitable for naturally curly hair; Natural hibiscus extracts to improve hair elasticity while reducing hair loss, Cream foam is easier to use.

Cons: Suitable for thick and naturally curly hair.


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SheaMoisture Curl and Shine Coconut Shampoo is manufactured in the US under the brand name SheaMoisture. This is one of our best choices for your naturally thick and curly hair. It free from phthalat, paraben, silicone, sulfate, and toxic. In just few weeks, it will gently clean the hair naturally, improves hair health, and restores shine. SheaMoisture recommends that you should shampoo after 1 week will find your hair much smoother.

3. Deep Conditioning Treatment – Jessicurl.

 Deep Conditioning Treatment – Jessicurl. Naturally Curly Hair - Best Tip Care For

Pros: Natural extracts as citrus essential oil, lavender essential oil are very pleasant sent; Intensively moisturizes dry hair and moisturizes without stickiness.

Cons: Suitable for natural and dry curly hair.

from $16.75

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Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment under the brand name Jessicurl Llc, is the perfect hair conditioner for naturally curly hair. The product contains citrus and lavender aromas with a pleasant mild aroma. No skin irritation. Just after only 4-5 days, you will see the effect of this essential oil.

4. One Condition Original – DevaCurl.

One Condition Original – DevaCurl. Naturally Curly Hair - Best Tip Care For

Pros: Does not contain toxic sulfates, parabens, silicone, 100% natural extracts of olive oil and lemongrass help moisturize the hair the best while leaving you with defined hydrated curls; The scent of lemongrass is very comfortable, making you comfortable.

Cons: And there are no drawbacks.

from $24.00 for 32 fl oz

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DevaCurl One Condition Original is a creamy, natural moisturizing conditioner made from moisturizing olive oil and nourishing botanicals to provide suppleness. The herbal fragrance from its lemongrass is lush and refreshing. The product is free from sulfate, paraben, and silicone. Should you use this product when you are finished washing your hair. So, after you have used it for 1 week you will see a big difference in your hair.

5. One-Step Hair Dryer – REVLON.

One-Step Hair Dryer – REVLON. Naturally Curly Hair - Best Tip Care For

Pros: Styling, drying, and puffing hair in just one step, Max drying power with 30% less frizz and helping hair reduce damage.

Cons: Must take care of the machine after use, Keep the bristles in the best condition, let the unit cool before storing.


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REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer is the world’s leading beauty brand. The capacity of 1100 Watts. 3 Temperature / Speed setting with Cool option for flexible styling. It featured with a unique non-removable oval brush design to smooth hair, while the rounded edges create volume. While its nylon pin and tufted bristles for detachable, improved volume and control.

6. Original Liquid Styler – Curl Keeper.

Original Liquid Styler - Curl Keeper. Naturally Curly Hair - Best Tip Care For

Pros: Contains the highest quality ingredients; Providing curl control and curl control; Reactivates with water with absolutely no product build-up, allowing for great styling in a matter of days; Can be used on all curly hair, in all weather conditions.

Cons: Only suitable for natural and thick curly hair.

from $10.99 for 3.4 oz

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Curl Keeper Original Liquid Stylerl is a water-based formula that helps control frizz without heavy hair or leaving a sticky residue and does not contain silicone that is harmful to the body. You better use this in a dry state causes uncontrolled and frizzy hair.

7. Curl and Style Milk for Thick – SheaMoisture.

Curl and Style Milk for Thick – SheaMoisture. Naturally Curly Hair - Best Tip Care For

Pros:  The composition contains natural essences to help protect your body; The pleasant, mild scent of coconut oil adds relaxation; Helping to moisturize, reduce breakage; Curl control and hair retention.

Cons: The product is only suitable for naturally curly hair.


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SheaMoisture Curl and Style Milk for Thick, Curly Hair is a hair moisturizer and treatment that leaves curly hair soft, shiny, fluffy, and frizz-free. This hairstyles product comes with free of silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils and mineral oils; while it contains natural ingredients such as coconut oil for outstanding hair hydration. Moreover, it is blended with coconut oil, helping to moisturize, reduce breakage while providing effective curl control and hair retention. And blended with Silk Protein and Neem Oil, will smooth wavy and messy curls, giving your hair a soft and silky feel. Best result only takes you 1-2 weeks.

Through here we want to help you know more natural curly hair care products more beautiful and the best products manufactured from leading brands in the world.

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