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Best Colognes for his Valentine’s day with sexiness, and romance. Special Day of Love – Valentine’s Day the whole world honoring couples love, affection... Top Best Colognes For His Valentine’s Day 2017

Best Colognes for his Valentine’s day with sexiness, and romance.

Special Day of Love – Valentine’s Day the whole world honoring couples love, affection couples. When Valentine’s Day approaching it is time you search for a unique Valentine gift, really has a meaning for lovers. In the special day of love, you will give the gift meant how perfect? Did you ever give him an impressive gift with flavor notes?

Check out the colognes below to see which ones are making the ladies swoon.

14/ Bvlgari Man Black Cologne.

Using rum and citrus and finishing it off with a floral twist, Bvlgari (or Bulgari) has created yet another appealing cologne that stands out from the countless mass-market offerings out there. This is the kind of thing your man can definitely wear year-round.

Why he loves it:: This affordable men’s cologne has a fresh, clean scent with ingredients from the Mediterranean.

$49.49 at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

13/ Unforgivable By Sean John.

Unforgivable by Sean John is an Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. Unforgivable was launched in 2006. Top notes are birch leaf, green mandarin, tangerine, juniper, basil, bergamot, grapefruit and sicilian lemon; middle notes are iris, lavender and clary sage; base notes are tonka bean, amber, australian sandalwood, rum and cashmere wood. There are some mixed opinions on this cologne when it comes to what men think. This perfume is the winner of award FiFi Award Fragrance Of The Year Men`s Luxe 2007.

Why he loves it:: smells like a combination of power and danger, women love the oceany, yet dark, rum smell.

$33.69 at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

12/ Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Eau de Toilette for Men.

Lacoste is a combination of aromas of grapefruit, flowers and the smell of the ocean down period suede. The aroma of fresh and timeless, it is appropriate to donate with a white polo shirt by Lacoste. Composition of the fragrance starts with luminous accords of grapefruit providing sparkling effect around spicy scents of rosemary and cardamom. Top notes are enriched with cedar needles scent. The heart of the composition highlights ylang-ylang and tuberose, resting on a base of Virginian cedar, leather, suede and vetiver, which, when united, reflect the masculine character of the edition

Why he loves it:: Fresh, but not overpowering, so you’ll be attracting women to the man you are naturally.

$74.00 at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

11/ Byredo Parfums Mister Marvelous Men’s Eau de Parfum.

Most of Byredo’s colognes are a touch on the heavy side, making them an ideal choice as the winter creeps up. You’ll enjoy hints of cedarwood and amber, resting under a healthy top note of mandarin and neroli — a slightly odd yet very noteworthy combination.

Why he loves it:: A scent for all ages, covers all the bases

$164.95 ($220.00) at Amazon.com. Click here to buy !

10/ John Varvatos Oud.

John Varvatos Oud by John Varvatos is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men. Complex to say the least, this cologne from Varvatos is far more than just another oud wood-based fragrance. Top notes are tobacco, juniper berries, nutmeg, sage and cypress; middle notes are saffron, cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, cloves, turkish rose, egyptian jasmine and osmanthus; base notes are agarwood (oud), cedar, labdanum, opoponax, incense, myrrh, leather and amber.

Why he loves it:: Makes you stand out in the crowd, complicated and unique scent.

$150.00 at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

9/ Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male For Men Eau De Toilette Spray.

Le Male is magnetically attractive fragrance which seduces with its uniqueness; it is built on contrasts: traditional and bold, fresh and mild, strong and sensual, in one word: absolutely irresistible for women. Fresh mint is a symbol of strength; the tradition is represented by lavender; vanilla gives warmth and tenderness. The top notes are composed of mint, lavender and bergamot. The heart is composed of cinnamon, cumin, and orange blossom. The base contains vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and cedarwood.

Why he loves it:: Contrasting aromas create a unique fragrance, helps men get laid.

$35.49 at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

8/ Chanel Bleu De Chanel Men’s Eau de Parfum.

Bleu de Chanel is a sophisticated and contemporary fragrance from Chanel that hit the market in 2010. This is another solid winter cologne is this Chanel classic, Bleu de Chanel. The woody-aromatic composition created by Jacques Polge follows the original path but goes down into a sensual and oriental amber territory. Wood maintains the freshness of the original in this variant, enriched with depth and velvet amber woods.

Why he loves it:: Classy and elegant, strong, but pleasant base, great for a night out on the town

$189.99 at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

7/ Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette.

This is the noblest fragrance on our list under the guise of Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette that will show your boyfriend’s off-the-beaten-track tastes. When the juicy freshness of Reggio di Calabria bergamot meets woody Ambroxan, and then is spiced up with zesty Sichuan pepper, the effect is just dizzy.

Why he loves it:: Great for date night, subtle and not at all overpowering.

$92.00 ($103.10) at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

6/ Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò – Profumo Fragrance.

Acqua di Gio Profumo is an aquatic, aromatic, woody and spicy composition which is, like the original, signed by Alberto Morillas. It opens with fresh aquatic accord and bergamot. Its heart captures aromatic tones of geranium, sage and rosemary, laid on the base of patchouli and incense. The combination of mineral marine notes with rigid captivating notes of frankincense and patchouli is a tableau vivant of volcanic rock and deep ocean waters.

Why he loves it:: Great for casual outings, clean and refreshing.

$54.18 ($92.86) at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

5/  Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette.

Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette is one of the best colognes for a man who behaves like a gentleman in any situation. The powerful scent of cedarwood and guaiac wood pepped up by viable grapefruit and vetiver comes to stand for the subtlety of British aristocracy. The composition is announced as woody – herbal. Its ingredients are inspired by tradition of British perfumery. It opens with zesty accords of grapefruit, cardamom and tarragon. The heart notes include birch leaf, nutmeg oil and cedar, followed by the base of sandalwood, vetiver and guaiac wood.

Why he loves it:: Great for professional environments, smells expensive, distinctive cologne guaranteed to get you compliments.

$87.46 at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

4/ Comme des Garcons Wonderwood.

Comme des Garcons serves up a real Swiss army knife, able to work equally successfully on any occasion. A bundle of woody notes never lets down, while Madagascan Pepper, Somalian Incense and Nutmeg are for more exuberant touches. The fragrance features vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, Guaiac wood, Virginia cedar, agarwood (oud) and cypress.

Why he loves it:: Girls fall in love with it, takes the luck out of getting lucky.

$129.90 at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

3/ Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women and men. Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanilla is a brilliant winter cologne that’ll remind you of the warm and cozy den you’ll be looking to curl up in after a day out in the cold. Tobacco, ginger, vanilla, and cocoa blend seamlessly into one another, making it yet another perfect Tom Ford scent that can’t be missed. Top notes are tobacco leaf and spicy notes; middle notes are tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla and cacao; base notes are dried fruits and woody notes.

Why he loves it:: Unique scent helps you get noticed, don’t need to use a lot for a big impact. Morover, with a highly unique and memorable scent that lasts a long time, this luxury cologne is worth every penny.

$238.99 at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

2/ Hermès Terre d’Hermès for men.

Terre d’Hermès is how this all-powerful cologne smells. What’s more, this is what reflects the whole power of alchemy. Earth, Water and Air – here are three elements that energetically intermingle to dream up this woody, vegetal and mineral aroma. This vertically structured scent is based on an alchemy of wood, the scent first introduces the gaiety of orange, the bitterness of grapefruit and the vivacity of pepper and of fresh spices. Dominated by cedar, the fragrance goes deeper with the sweetness of resins and the impalpable voluptuousness of benzoin.

Why he loves it:: Vibrant and sexy scent, great for all occasions.

$61.65 at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

1/ Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme Eau De Toilette Spray.

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l`Homme is a new masculine representative of the house of YSL and it appeared on the market in March 2009. The perfume is announced as one full of contrasts and tensions. Its flacon is dark and powerful, as if it were announcing powerful ingredients it carries in itself. A veil of mystery and an explosive spicy accord reveal cardamom with sparkling freshness of bergamot, lavender and cedar, which stand for strength of men. Cumin and vetiver in a base ensure a sensual finish and an opulent, elegant closure.

Why he loves it:: Soft and sweet scent, not overwhelmingly powerful and yet it’s far-reaching, women find it intoxicating.

$68.99 at Amazon.com. Click here to buy!

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