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There is variety of Rechargeable tactical flashlights in sizes, brightness levels, battery types, function and capabilities. Thus, the research for the best perfect rechargeable... Top Best Rechargeable Flashlight At Amazon!

There is variety of Rechargeable tactical flashlights in sizes, brightness levels, battery types, function and capabilities. Thus, the research for the best perfect rechargeable flashlight began on a variety of forums and online retailers. We made a research through countless consumer reviews to list out the most important qualities of flashlights. The list of features is quite simple with just the intensity and quality of light, design and durability. Using this guide to understand reason of the following products are the best rechargeable flashlight models on the market.

Here, let’s go through our list of Top Brightest Rechargeable Flashlight At Amazon for your best shopping considerations:

Run Time/
Beam Distance
Streamlight 66320 MacroStream50-5002-8hrs
4.5 in.2.2 oz.$52.68
Streamlight 75810 Stinger100-4253-10hrs
8.85 in.12.8$91.90
Coast HP8R61-7602-26hrs
NiteCore TM9K30-9,500Up to 60hrs
Up to 293yards
Olight Seeker 2 Pro150-1,30010mins-318hrs
Up to 1,300m
10.2 in.14.40$215.00
ThruNite TC15Up to 2,3002mins-68hrs
Up to 807ft
4.8 in.2.5$79.95
Imalent MS03150-13,00045s-27hrs
Up to 1,063ft
4.33 in.6.59$129.95
YierBlueUp to 6,000Up to 80,000hrs
Up to 300yards
8.27×7.2×4.33in.1.68 pounds$41.96
CinlinsoUp to 90,000Up to 50,000hrs
Up to 300yards
10.2×2.6×2.5in.1.1 pounds$39.99

1. Streamlight 66320 MacroStream Rechargeable Compact Flashlight.

Streamlight 66320 Flashlight. Top Best Rechargeable Flashlight At Amazon!

Pros: Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens; IPX4 water-resistant; Up to 500 lumens and run 2-8 hours; Multi-function push-button tail switch; Durable; White LED technology; Impervious to shock with a 30,000 hour lifetime.

Cons: On/off button requires a lot of pressure.


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Streamlight 66320 MacroStream Flashlight is a compact lithium ion battery powered light that fits in the palm of your hand or comfortably in your bag. This Macrostream USB made with a tail cap switch to operate easily temporary or constantly, and comes with amazing brightness and run time for a light of its size.

2. Streamlight 75810 Stinger LED DS Rechargeable Flashlight.

Streamlight 75810 Rechargeable Flashlight. Top Best Rechargeable Flashlight At Amazon!

Pros: Dual Switch Technology; Tail cap & head-mounted on/off switches; Switches operate independently; Anti-roll rubber ring; C4 LED technology for extreme brightness.

Cons: Difficult to locate the power button in the dark.


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The Streamlight 75810 Stinger LED DS is the only rechargeable torch with a totally independent dual switch. This flashlight featured with a dual switch technology makes it can be accessed any of 3 lighting setting modes and strobe through the tail cap or the head-mounted switch. Besides, this product made from aircraft aluminum with non-slip rubberized comfort grip, and therefore the unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating. Added, this rechargeable flashlight offers 3 microprocessor-controlled intensity modes, strobe mode and the latest in power LED technology.

3. Coast HP8R Rechargeable Flashlight.

Coast HP8R Rechargeable Flashlight. Top Best Rechargeable Flashlight At Amazon!

Pros: Control beam shape with one hand; Make the whole scene at once; Flex charge system; Pro-Tek Charging, Work long into the night; Durable; Classic design.

Cons: Few customers complain it’s pricy.


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The Coast HP8R Rechargeable Flashlight is the best high-powered and long-lasting tactical flashlight for any working condition. Specifically, this flashlight with Flex Dual Power technology which harnesses the power or either lithium or alkaline power. Plus, it can be charged with a micro-USB connection that recharges the batteries either in or outside of the light, a simple USB connection to either AC or DC. Besides, its focus system is able to you to seamlessly transition between spot and flood beam by pushing or pulling your finger. On the other hands, this Coast flashlight runtimes is tested with ANSI/FL1 Standards, so you can trust the HP8R will work long through the night.

4. NiteCore TM9K Rechargeable Flashlight.

NiteCore TM9K Rechargeable Flashlight.  Top Best Rechargeable Flashlight At Amazon!

Pros: USB-C Rechargeable; Built-in 5000mAh battery; Turbo ready technology; 9500 lumen, Compact and lightweight; Durable; Powerful; Multiple application.

Cons: Pricy.


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The NiteCore TM9K Rechargeable Flashlight comes with up to 9500 lumens which means one touch of the mode switch that reaches over 293 yards of throw or double tap for blinding tactical strobe. Plus, the product is attached with a metal pocket clip and holster, so it will be easy to carry at just over 7 oz. In particular, TM9K featured with a built-in USB-C port and charging cable capable of quick charge technology to speed up the charging process. Moreover, you don’t need to waste money on batteries, the TM9K also includes rechargeable 5000mAh Li-ion battery built-in.

5. Olight Javelot Turbo Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight.

Olight Javelot Turbo Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight. Top Best Rechargeable Flashlight At Amazon!

Pros: IPX8 waterproof; 1-meter shockproof; Durable; Compact size with supersized battery; Longest beam distance in same class.

Cons: The tactical may get hot when operate in high level.


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OLIGHT 90 Lumens i3E EOS PMMA TIR. Top Best Rechargeable Flashlight At Amazon!


Pros: 90 lumens; Over 7-time the output compare to the same price model; IPX8 rated key pendant light; Durable & waterproof.

Cons: The tactical may get hot when operate in high level; Run great with ONLY ONE AAA battery.


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The Olight Javelot Turbo Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight equipped 1,300 lumens in a lightweight coat-layer. It gets high-performance LED and make an amazing beam distance of 1,300m. Besides, the magnetic charger helps to charge easier, but it would be better if it came with a power supply cube as few products have no enough wattage to charge sufficiently. Plus, the indicator in the middle of side switch is going to displays the battery life as a green, orange, or red color. The other side, one of Javelot Turbo’s best feature is for hunting or search and rescue comes out. Now, this flashlight is more output and beam distance as requested, give you more application.

6. ThruNite TC15 Flashlight.

ThruNite TC15 Flashlight. Top Best Rechargeable Flashlight At Amazon!

Pros: Extremely output (2300 lumens; beam distance of 807 ft); 4 main light modes; Waterproof; Outdoors and indoors use; Compact; Non-slip knurling design.

Cons: Smooth electronic switch difficult to locate by touch.


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ThruNite is a flashlight company which have specialized in design and manufacture high-quality lights for 10 years. The ultra-bright ThruNite TC15 Flashlight will provide you a wonderful experience. This handheld tactical flashlight designed with the newest CREE XPH35 LED and ThruNite IMR 18650 battery. Moreover, it’s not only a handheld LED flashlight, but also a EDC flashlight which can be used indoors and outdoors as hiking, security, camping or in an emergency. The other sides, the TC15 includes 4 setting modes: strobe, turbo, firefly and daily. The Strobe mode used for emergency, the Turbo mode for defensive while the Firefly mode suitable for reading. It’s similar to the other product in list, ThruNite TC15 flashlight has IPX8 waterproof rating, it is also can even work well under 2 meters of water, so it’s suitable for heavy rain or other extreme conditions.

7. Imalent MS03 Tactical Flashlight.

Imalent MS03 Tactical Flashlight. Top Best Rechargeable Flashlight At Amazon!

Pros: 5 output levels plus strobe; Excellent quality with durable aero-grade aluminum / IPX8 waterproof; Warranty-free 60-month; Suitable for camping, lighting, writing and so on.

Cons: Water-resistant in normal use on rainy days, but not for diving.


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The Imalent MS03 Tactical Flashlight is an upgraded version of the Imalent DM70 flashlight. This product equipped a type-C USB rechargeable 4000mAh 21700 lithium battery, and 3 pieces of American CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs. Particularly, this MS03 is able to making a maximum of 13,000 lumens for up to 324m (1063ft) of throw. The other side, the IPX8-top-rated aluminum alloy body designed as knurling pattern for a best grip. Besides, with an indestructible build, this tactical is ideally for the professional choice of hunting, rescue, search, or while on duty.

8. YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlight.

YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlight. Top Best Rechargeable Flashlight At Amazon!

Pros: Super-bright 6000 lumen; 10000mAh Power Bank (quick and convenient charging); Doesn’t make any noise; Double layer radiator cup; IPX4 water resistant; Ultra bright flashlight.

Cons: Quite heavy.


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The next recommendation is YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlight, an extreme bright heavy-duty flashlight with maximum of super bright 6000 lumen Cree 2 LED light generates a vivid focused spot beam which has illumination distance is up to 2600ft. Besides, these flashlight’s battery life is over 20 hours if it’s working in Low mode. There are 3 adaptable settings: High, Low and Flash. Thus, if you need to see somethings clearly when repairing, reading, working, camping, this YIERBLUE flashlight is one of the best. Overall, this product is a very strong spotlight which is for sure a light compact and easy to use. Plus, it can light up to 100 yards easily and the strobe can signal 1-mile or more exactly over water in full sun.

9. Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight – Cinlinso.

Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight – Cinlinso. Top Best Rechargeable Flashlight At Amazon!

Pros: Bright wider are; Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum; 90,000 lumens; LED lamp lifespan: 50,000 hours; Lighting distance 200 to 560m; Large capacity battery – 10000mh; IPX5 rating water-resistance.

Cons: Quite heavy as its same class.


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The Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight from Cinlinso is a super bright portable outdoor torch light with up to 90,000 lumens, featured a large capacity battery, 10000mh. So, it can use 6 – 20 every time when fully charged, while it may take 6 hours to be fully. The other side, the designed tough and high-strength aluminum body help it is a great choice for extreme conditions both indoors and outdoors. You can absolutely trust it during storms, floods, earthquakes, power outages, and any other natural disaster. On the other hands, it’s also an ultra-bright LED tactical flashlight with high intensity brightness and range. Thus, Cinlinso tactical is the best flashlight tool for outdoor activities, emergency, fishing, camping, hiking, bike, cave exploring, bike, home use and car breakdowns.

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